IATF Requirements to become an IATF Third Party Auditor

The auditor candidate shall meet the following selection criteria:

  1. is qualified according to ISO/IEC 17021 and the relevant accreditation body rule to
    perform ISO 9001 audits;
  2. has conducted at least six (6) ISO 9001 third-party audits in manufacturing industries,
    with at least three (3) as audit team leader;
    Note: Automotive manufacturing first- or second-party system auditing experience may be considered.
  3. has knowledge of automotive core tools; and
  4. has four (4) years full time appropriate practical experience (including two (2) years dedicated to Quality Assurance and/or Quality Management activities) in within the past fifteen (15) ten (10) years in an automotive manufacturing organization. Meeting the applicability of IATF 16949 (see section 1.0).¹
    NOTE: Experience in industries with similar scopes of applicability (e.g., Aerospace, Telecommunications, Rail, Industrial Off-Road equipment, etc.) in chemical, electrical, or metallic commodities may be considered.¹
  5. shall observe a minimum of one (1) complete IATF 16949 third-party audit (excluding special audits) with a minimum duration of two (2) days before attending the New Auditor Training and Evaluation process²