IATF Requirements to Become an IATF Third Party Auditor

The auditor candidate shall meet the following selection criteria:
  1. Is qualified according to ISO/IEC 17021 and the relevant accreditation body rule to perform ISO 9001 audits.
  2. Has conducted at least six (6) ISO 9001 third-party audits in manufacturing industries, with at least three (3) as audit team leader.
    Note: Automotive manufacturing first or second-party system auditing experience may be considered.
  3. Has knowledge of automotive core tools.
  4. Has four (4) years of full time appropriate practical experience (including two (2) years dedicated to Quality Assurance and/or Quality Management activities) within the past fifteen (15) years in an automotive manufacturing organization.
    Note: Experience in industries with similar scopes of applicability (e.g., Aerospace, Telecommunications, Rail, Industrial Off-Road equipment, etc.) in chemical, electrical, or metallic commodities may be considered.
  5. Shall observe a minimum of one (1) complete IATF 16949 third-party audit (excluding special audits) with a minimum duration of two (2) days before attending the New Auditor Training and Evaluation process

IATF Auditor Process

IATF Auditor Development Process (ADP)

Auditor Development Process

IATF Auditor Training Information

Official IATF training and contact information with regard to new auditors. Provided by the IATF Oversight Offices in multiple languages.

Auditor Training Information

AIAG Training Information

One of the automotive industry’s most widely used international standards for quality management, IATF 16949, continues to evolve with the publication of the global industry standard by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF). This latest version was developed with an unprecedented level of industry feedback and engagement by AIAG members representing North America.

Auditor Training Information

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